Founded to cocreate your reason for waking up every morning.
Why we exist

We are many. Many people who see more in their profession than just work. Many people who seek inner growth rather than only material prestige. Many people who both realize themselves through their actions and support the common good.

Our deepest beliefs unite us: life and work need a new narrative. We want to contribute to a society in which purpose and career, growth and balance, impact and profit are not seen as “either-or”, but as “both-and”.

Many others respond to this view with discomfort and rejection. But where it looks like discomfort and rejection, we see opportunities to create our reason worth for waking up every morning - our Ikigai.

That's why we founded CURATORS OF IKIGAI.

We want to connect “the many”, encourage collaboration and cocreate Ikigai together.

Ikigai stories
We are all unique and therefore different as well. What make us strong is our mindset: “Seek first to understand, then been understood”. This enables us to change perspectives, to learn and to grow. That’s how we create synergies.
We love what we do and therefore hustle a lot. The foundation for our hustleness is to be in resonance with ourselves. That means to know where I want to go in the future and where I need to establish more clarity.
Ikigai stories
Eat more cake!
We love cakes! Therefore we bake bigger cakes for everyone instead of snatching the biggest piece for ourselves. And we love to share! We believe in reciprocity / karma.  
Galactic Spark
We want to change the world for the better and have big galactic plans. For that we focus on the person’s individuality and ignite a spark that is so inspiring that it will tell all of it’s friends about it.
Ikigai stories
WOw & AHa! We create values that bring forth the feelings of "Wow - that helps me to move forward!" and "Aha - as simple as that".
Go boldly
Life offers endless magical moments. Therefore go courageous ways to discover and rediscover new magical moments.
Ikigai stories
Worth a billion
Money is important to us - our values are even more important. Our journey to our first billion is as a result simple: act valuable and help one billion people live their Ikigai.  
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